Welcome to our website!

Bristol©PCs is here to help you with technology and we take it very seriously, even if the website is a bit blue! We’re looking to get the local community in touch with modern times whether it’s for your business or that laptop at home that is driving you insane!
If you’re a business or organisation we can design & build or help modernise your website. We can get your website bringing new customers in, not just a pretty collection of words and pictures for all the people you send there. We can also help you set up your own web site and email addresses to help you stand out from the crowd.
For the home user we can take the “geekiness” out of internet related matter and the stress out of home computing. Perhaps you would like to get more out of your computer or maybe you have a specific problem. Maybe you’re having issues with nasty viruses or perhaps you want your photos backed up?
Not only do we do computers but also home technology. iPods, games consoles, audio and video, you name it we’ll have a go at helping you with it. From purchasing advice to using the thing (we all hate manuals) we’d love to help you out.
Whatever the issue please don’t be afraid to get in touch, we don’t bite and are even rumoured to be friendly.